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Prophet Muhammad's wives

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So many -who are not Muslims- are wondering:
Why prophet Muhammad married 9 wives?
Was it lust? was he sex addict?
Is he fulfilling an oppressed desire of women because he married a woman who is 20 years older than him when he was only 25 years old?

I'll try to present the answer within the following lines.

Prophet Muhammad was not the first prophet to have more than one wife:

Prophets who had more than one wife are as mentioned in Bible and Torah:
(I'm not sure of the wives name)

  1. Prophet Abraham: 3 wives (Sarah, Hagar, Caesura).
  2. Prophet Jacob: 4 wives (Lea, Zelda, Rachael, Palma).
  3. Prophet Moses: 4 wives (Safire, Gibshia, bint Kini, bint Hobab).
  4. Prophet David: 9 wives.
  5. Prophet Solomon: 700 wives and 300 slaves.
So multiple wives of prophets was not new or invented by prophet Muhammad…


Clearing a common misunderstanding:

  • Prophet Muhammad PBUH ... was not married to 9 wives at the same time as everyone may think... but he married 9 times, he never had 9 wives at the same time.

  • He never married while his first wife was alive, who died when he was 50 years old, when all lust and desire have faded.
  • Most of the women he married were over 50 years old and sometimes older than him, widows and have children... so, if he is marrying for sex or lust, I believe he would have married younger and virgin women, all he had to do is ask, and all his companions will offer him their daughters, as this is considered an honor for them.

The prophet's wives: A closer look:

He married each of his wives for a reason.
I will try to list most of his wives as follows:

1. Lady Khadeeja:

  • His first wife.
  • was a widow.
  • was 40 and he was 25 when they got married.
  • was 65 and he was 50 when she died.
  • lived together for 25 years.
  • Never married again when she was alive.
  • The year she died called the Sorrow year ... because he loved her so much.

2. Lady Sawda:

  • Was a widow.
  • Was 55 and he was 50 when they got married.
  • She and her late husband ran away from their Folks after they became Muslims … so after her husband died she couldn’t go back to them … and she had no one to support her after him.
  • People used to look down at widow women at these days… so he married her to break the rule.

3. Lady Aaisha:

  • Her age is not known for sure.
  • Her father was his best friend Abu-Bakkr …
  • Loved her the most.
  • Was the only one who was virgin when they got married.
  • Was alive for 48 years after the death of the prophet.
  • Was the main reference for everyone, including her father and the prophet’s companions, in all religion’s matters after the death of the prophet PBUH … 

4. Lady Hafsah:

  • Her father was Omar-bin-AlKahttab … the prophet's best friend after Abu-Bakkr …
  • Was a widow.
  • So he married her because of her father … who gave a lot to Islam .. to honor him.

5. Lady Zienab bint Khouzaymah:

  • Was 60 and he was 55 when they got married.
  • Was a widow… and she used to help the wounded.
  • When her husband died she had no one to help her or support her … so the prophet married her to give her shelter.
  • Died two years after marrying the prophet.

6. Lady Om-Salamh:

  • Was 55 and he was over 50 when they got married.
  • Was a widow with 4 orphans... 2 boys and 2 girls.
  • When the prophet knew about her he sent to her asking her to marry him … she refused and she said “I’m old and I’m a mother of orphans” … so he send to her telling her “I don’t care for your age and your children are mine”… so she accepted and they got married…
  • He loved her children more than their true father.
7. Lady Zienab bint Gahsh:
  • Was the prophet’s cousin … grew up in his house till he married her to Zayd (his manumitted slave).
  • Before adoption was forbidden the prophet adopted one of his slaves whom he freed and called him “Zayd bin(son of) Muhammad” … but when adoption was prevented by verses that was sent to the prophet … people still consider Zayd the son of Muhammad … and the father doesn’t marry a woman who one day was the wife of his son and vice versa …
  • So when Zayd married Zienab … she used to look down to him and tell him rough words because he used to be a slave … and he wanted to divorce her but the prophet asked him not to … but one day she talked very rough to him that he divorced her…
  • So God sent some verses in the Quran telling prophet Muhammad PBUH that he must marry her to make people believe that he is not Zayd’s father
  • The verses are: (33:37)
“And (remember) when you said to him (zayd bin Harithah ; the freed-slave of the Prophet) on whom Allah has bestowed Grace (by guiding him to Islam) and you (O Muhammad too) have done favour (by manumitting him) "Keep your wife to yourself, and fear Allah." But you did hide in yourself (i.e. what Allah has already made known to you that He will give her to you in marriage) that which Allah will make manifest, you did fear the people (i.e., Muhammad married the divorced wife of his manumitted slave) whereas Allah had a better right that you should fear Him. So when Zaid had accomplished his desire from her (i.e. divorced her), We gave her to you in marriage, so that (in future) there may be no difficulty to the believers in respect of (the marriage of) the wives of their adopted sons when the latter have no desire to keep them (i.e. they have divorced them). And Allah's Command must be fulfilled.”
So finally as you could see that the prophet:
  1. Didn't marry for lust: he was over 50 when he married for the second time, what kind of lust that can happen suddenly after 50.
  2. Didn't marry for sex: most of the women he married were over 50 and some of them were even older than he was, and had children.
  3. Never was married to 9 wives at the same time: instead, he was married 9 different times.


  1. Al Salam Alikoum

    The Idea is correct but the informations are not so accurate.

    you wrote : Prophet David: 9 wives.

    but peace be upon him he married 99 wives and that is mensioned in holy quran.

    Lady Sawda was about 80 years when she married.

    even our messenger Mohammed peace be upon him married 12 wives.

    1- Khadija bint Khowailed.
    2- Sawda bint Zamaa.
    3- Aisha bint Abu Baker.
    4- Hafsa bint Omar
    5- Zainab bint Jahesh.
    6- Zainab bint Khozaima.
    7- Juwairiah bint Al Hareth.
    8- Maria
    9- Um Salama Hind bint Suhail
    10 - Safeia bint Akhtab
    11 - Um Habiba Ramla bit Aby Sufian.
    12- Maimona bint Al Hareth.

    God Bless them all . They are the mothers of all believers.

    Thank you for these information and i hope god bless you.

  2. Assalamu Alikom dear Asaad Mamoun,

    I said 9 wives, because that question with that number of wives is spread over the INTERNET, and i wanted anyone who searchs for similar thing to find the question...

    I should have mentioned that they were 12 in the details, but I forgot ... but any way thank you so much ...

    About the number of wives of prophet David ... I mentioned the numbers mentioned in the Torah and Bible not Quran, as an evidence from their own holy scripts ...

    Besides there is no mention in the Quran about prophet David's wives at all as far as I know ...

    Please send me the verse and surah name if there is any ...

    Thank you and mitar2a3 for your comments ...

    Please keep on giving me your feed back about my posts ...

  3. JazakAllah Khayer sister, i didnt know the prophert had 3 wives that were older than him. Now, i can prove to my mother that its ok to marry older women. Take care and may Allah bless you with many rewards.

    Selam Aleikom.

  4. assalamualaikum..

    i think we need to clarify some dumb christians abt Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) marrying Lady Aisha at young age..

    wen the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married Aisha she was said to be 9 or 11..and many many christians and

    Muslim haters call him as being a paedophile bcos she was below 18 years old..keep in mind dat

    this is almost 1500 years ago..these days (according to western's law) a person has to be above 18 years

    old to engage in some activities/agreements..if a person is underage he or she has to have their parents

    consent to do so..there are still girls these days who get married at the age of 14 and 15 and are

    acceptable as long as they have their parental consent (some even demand proof in black and white)..but

    in the case of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Aisha, think of these 3 points...

    --at wat age is a woman able to be pregnant?as young as 9 yrs old right?..why does God create a woman

    being able to get pregnant at such young age?it means she is ready to bear a child and to become a Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married a girl who is capable to bear a child..acceptable does it not? in these modern world it is not accepted by the western laws dat state the age of 18 as 'adult' for EVERYTHING

    --also it cant be stated as unwilling sex with a minor bcos Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) MARRIED her!! they

    were MARRIED..!!Aisha is his WIFE..!! so wat do u do with ur wife if i may ask?is it wrong for a husband

    to do things with his wife?

    --and if parental consent is in question, Aisha was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) friend Abu

    Bakr who himself recommended his own daughter for marriage with how can someone get married

    without parental consent?

    so Aisha was ABLE to get married, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) MARRIED her as his WIFE, and the marriage

    was with FULL CONSENT from her father.


    1. Aisha was 9 - promised to him at 6 years old - he married her but never consummated their marriage until she began her menstrual cycle - then he even waited two more years before he had relations with her. She was his favourite wife who he loved wholeheartedly - she bore him no heirs.

  5. thank u very i can actually respond to those who try to ruin the image of islam and prophet muhammad

    salam and keep what u are doin u are helpin alot of muslim and non muslims

  6. thank you so much for this noble work. keep on spreading true information about Islam coz it will help a lot to the muslim world to understand very well our religion especially the non arab muslim like us in the Philippine.

  7. salaam everyone
    thanks for all the comments cos we need the western society to no dat if u can allow your young ones to have sex as early as 9 years and empliment it from primary schools and have babies and abort them or put them in homes, the prophet (pbuh) did this to give women protection, not to use them and abuse them. age does not make a difference. look at the western society now, all you need to do is read the stories of celebs, and their life styes, the western or christian society is living the life of celebs. which is crap life but they can't except a descent lifestye. if they think deeply, following the Islamic life is the best life.

  8. To Both Anonymous;
    1. dumb christian: Let us not damage islma's image by calling people dumb.
    2. Christian society crap life: LEt me tell you, i know about hundreds of muslims living in sin, chaeting ontheir husbands and wifes, doing drugs. Please, let us not generalise.

    I am a christian and interested in islam, however, when I see comments like these, I start doubting.

  9. "He alone we worship"," and he alone we ask for help", "Eeykana bodhu wa eeyak nassthaeen" surathul Bakara, the firt chapter of the qoran.
    "Fabee ayyai allaa aa ai rabbikoma thukazzibaan", which of you Lord's favours are you going to deny? Surat- al -Rahmaan. Just look around you, the air was created so that you could breath..Everything in the Dunya{world}is created for its purpose course and time..

  10. Please remember that no muslim is a muslim until he believes in Jesus as being one of the Prophets in Islaam.Also my dear Christian friend, negative comments should not hinder you from comming to the Haqq {Truth} Islam. Not all Christians think the same either regarding the above comments about Prophet S,a,w,s, Peace and the blessings of Allah be on him.This is not the way to welcome a none believer in to Islam, but to clear the missconceptions by research and sharing information.

  11. True Muslims dont use bad words to others even to non muslims and you cannot generalize. Call other to the path of Allah with good words and wisdom. thats how Allah and our prophet sallallah alaihi wasallam taught us.

    1. salam,my Muslim brother!i like your comment.

  12. I believe in Allah, but the prophet(pbuh) is a human.Human is not perfect

  13. Assalamu Alikom Dear who believe in Allah but not the prophet, how could you believe in the Allah and not the prophet !!!

    All Islam is based on what the prophet Muhammad told us, the Qur'an reached us through him ...

    We only knew Allah through prophet Muhammad, the best creation that Allah created, the greatest man ever walked the earth ...

    Read Qur'an and learn how much Allah loves prophet Muhammad and favored him over all prophets, that he gave him the highest place in heavens only for him ...

    You cannot separate believing in Allah from believing in prophet Mohammad peace be upon him ...

    You must have just been influenced by the media attacking Islam ...

    Please read more about prophet Muhammad from reliable sources, such as the links I have provided in the left column of the blog ...

    May Allah guide you to the right path ...

  14. May Allah reward the writer for this work. The Prophet Muhammad is a human, but he is of the best of creation - he IS a perfect human being. Allahumma salli 'ala sayyidina Muhammad wa 'ala ali Muhammad.

  15. I would like to comment about the prophet Mohammed (PUH) marriage to the mother of the believers Ayshia (may Allah pleased with her). I would like to mention the followings:
    1) Before Prophet Mohammed asked to marry her, another person already had proposed to marry her and then pulled out. This showed that she was ready to marry at the time.
    2) Women at the time used to mature early and also reach menopause early.
    3) If we assume for the sake of discussion that the prophet marry Ayshia just for lust (God forbid), and he is paedophile (God forbid), then why he did not repeat the same again and mary another young woman. Instead most of the subsequent wives were of old age A paedophile continue to chase their prey and never satisfied.
    4) The life of the prophet was exposed to us and he is a role model for all Muslims, and his very personal and home life need to be conveyed to the people after his death, and no noe will be better than a young wife (Aysiha) who lived closely with him and lived long after his death.
    5) Prophet Mohammed offered during his life to release all his wives and divorce them should they choose so (mentioned in the Quran), and all of them preferred to stay with him.
    6) You expect a man with lust to live luxurious life especially if at the time he was the ruler. However Prophet Mohammed lived a tough life and he was very poor most of his life.
    7) All his enemy at the time never used his marriage to Ayshia to smear his reputation, which tells you that the marriage of a girl at that age was a common practice at the time. His enemies at the time were looking for the smallest mistake to ruin his reputation and they never used this.
    8) Marrying 12 wives and managing their affairs as well as the affair of the whole country and people at the time in a just way and fairness all the times, prove that the man with great capabilities and he is a prophet. I challenge any person to manage 2 wives and be fair to them all the times and at the same time conduct his simple job perfectly. Prophet Mohammed was not just an exceptional husband, but exceptional leader, exceptional politician, and exceptional friend, exceptional preacher social justice, and a person exceptional manner, kindness, tenderness, generosity and approachable attitude. He loved all his wives and all of them loved him.He never beat a woman or a child in his life.

    Finally I ask all Muslims not to offend other religions. At the end most of the religions are coming from the same God at different times and the teaching of Islam to dispute with others in the best way.

    I love prophet Mohammed (PUH) and all his wives (the motheres of the believers)


    1. Thank you Muntasir for your wise words, your clear explanation and clarification for those that do not understand what our faith is about, or what our Prophet (PBUH) did for us and for the people of the time.

      I too do not believe that it is acceptable to have married a child, particularly at the age of 9 or even 11, but it is true that it was a different time and age when there were different standards and expectations of life. I believe that it is wrong, that children do not understand or have the ability to understand marriage or marital responsibilities or sex, for that matter most particularly, but I choose to believe that our Prophet (PBUH) did not have malintent in his decision or choice to marry Ayesha. I don't know that it was poor choice at this time, or that we have the right to place judgement upon him for it. I choose to believe that he did as was socially and culturally acceptable during his time.

      I also thank our other fellow believers for the opportunity to share our opinions while learning and hearing the opposing arguments. I enjoy a thought provoking discussion. If anything, it makes my faith stronger when I find myself wanting to reply to other postings in a more respectful and diplomatic way than they did. After all, Islam is about peace, respect and tolerance of others' opinions and beliefs.

  16. I love Prophet Mohammad (PUH) He was chosen by Allah (GOD) as the last messanger on this earth. May Allah show all of us the right path and guide us to walk in the foot steps of our beloved Prophet.

  17. Assalamu Alaykum.. Let us not stop searching for truth. Islam is the true religion. Quran is the best reference of all. May Allah s.w.t. bless all Muslims. inshaAllah..

  18. muhammed peace be upon him was a brilliant prophet since he cared about his people the most. in my opinion i think he was the best prophet anyone had since i am a muslim and i belive the things im ment to i also respecy other peoples religons its fine by me.

    thank you for reading my note about our prophet i hope u think the sames my name is samya saleh and im finished


  19. salam everyone!!
    Please I need to know the verses in which the number of prophet David's wives was mentioned in Qur'an of course ...I would be greatful ..thank u in advance

    1. Wa Alikom Assalam dear,
      The number of the wives of David that I mentioned is under the title:
      "Prophets who had more than one wife are as mentioned in Bible and Torah"

      It means that I obtained the information from Bible and Torah, not from Qura'n ...

  20. Mai Hassib -- Thank's a lot for explaining to us as to the reasons behind the Marriages of our Prophet Mohammad Mustafa SAWS.
    Would like to mention here about the age of Bibi Ayesha which I read it and here it is ...
    ' Most historians have consensus on the age of one of the oldest female companions of the Prophet, namely, Asma, the elder sister of Bibi Ayesha and she was ten years older than Bibi Ayesha. It is also reported in Taqri'bu'l-tehzi'b as well as Al-bidayah wa'l-nihayah that Asma died in 73 Hijrah when she was 100 years old. Clearly, if Asma was 27 or 28 years old at the time of Hijrah, bibi Ayesha was 17 at the time of Hijrah and 19 at the time of consummation of her marriage with Prophet Muhammad SAWS.

  21. Hello i dated a Muslim guy a few years back and would have converted over but everything the Prophet Muhummad (peace be upon him) teaches in the Quran this guy didnt follow. I had to learn that some people are just fake. After finding out why the women cover i would have been honored to do so but he was not true , thanks for the knowledge

  22. As Salaamu Alaikum

    Mai Hassib ... Jazak'Allahu Akbar I am grateful for your devotion to Islam brother & Justified Am I saying Brother as Im a convert from Christianity. Now Deen & Ummah is my Comforter. Subhan'Allah... Insha'Allah In your journey to expose Islam as the True Religion of Allah & Prophet Muhammed's Salla'Allahu Alayhi wa Salaam Rasula'Allah teachings in the Hadith .


  23. Remember you should convert for the sake of Allah and not for a partner, how you BF acted is not the teachings of Islam.