Info about Islam

Info about Islam

· Introducing Islam:
Islamic Information Network, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida, USA:
Be Convinced Website:
In 16 different Languages:
Islam Online Network:

· Detailed info about Islam Prophet Muhammad:
Muhammad's life in 10 languages-wonderful:
· Materials:
Free Audio/Video/Documentary materials:
Dar-us-Salam Publications – buy authentic Islamic materials:
Free Islamic Books in different Languages and sent by mail:
Videos - Scientists Comments on the Quran:
Books/Audio Books/Articles/Sites/Movies/Documents - in 43 languages :
· Islam and Attacking Foreigners:
· Deep into Islam:
Shari`ah and Ahadith (Rules of Islam and Conversations of the prophet):
To search for Tafseer(Meanings or Explanations) for any verse of the Quran- In 24 Languages:
Various other websites:
A website that contains links to various other websites:
Everything about Islam specially for new-Muslims and for who wants to be a Muslim:
A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam- in 12 languages:
· Miracles:
In Quran and Sunnah – In 9 languages:
The medical miracles of the Holy Quran:
  • Women in Islam:
Resources for and about Muslim women:
Women in Islam VS Women in the Judeo-Christian Tradition:

  • Quran:
    • Contains Quran text in 45 languages with the ability to search:

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